2COMS offers you a "World of Possibilities"

  • When you apply to us you have an organization promoting your career, at no cost to you.
  • 2COMS  is in touch with corporate and consultancies on a regular basis, keeping track of the latest openings in the industry.
  • Most companies give us their requirements, rather than advertise.
  • We spend time studying your skill areas and advice you an optimum career path.
  • Some companies use our services exclusively for all their requirements.
  • All your inquires are kept absolutely confidential.
  • We do not just submit your resume, we represent you, your dreams and ambitions.
  • Your resume is not floated around, but is send only for relevant openings saving your precious time.
  • Our executives are always keen to hear from you and help you realize your career goals.
  • We ensure that you have the best of openings presented to you and help you decide on the best offer.
  • We make opportunities knock on your door, AGAIN and AGAIN. 



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