Life at 2COMS

Taking care of our favourite humans

Life at 2COMS comes as a fruitful mix of fun-filled activities and as an opportunity to learn and contribute not only as a professional but in various spheres of life. Our attempt is to go beyond the limits of the cubicle and present to our employee’s various platforms to interact with each other, resulting in a healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts.

Events & Happenings

2COMS Group hosts multiple activities - where the employees get the chance to meet with fellow employees from various geographies and indulge in a fun-filled, healthy & productive exchange amongst each other.

Annual Awards

The Annual Awards of 2COMS Group is the day when our performers get recognized and the spirit of doing better is encouraged.

Annual Conclave

The yearly conclave of 2COMS Group happens to be the congregation where the leaders and performers from all over India come together for a few days of engagement. It is a great opportunity for our team members to grow and contribute in a more substantial way to our ecosystem and in that way make a mark for themselves.

Annual Picnic & Event

We arrange for annual picnics and events to enable team members to unwind and engage with their fellow colleagues outside the official space and create healthy interpersonal bonds amongst each other.

Sharing the joy of giving

At 2COMS we conform to the idea that there is no joy bigger than the joy of giving. That is why we consistently organize our CSR events under the umbrella of the 2COMS Foundation, to enable our team members to be an active part of doing good to society.

Little Joys Matter at 2COMS

At 2COMS we believe in celebrating the little joys of our organization. We celebrate the big and small moments that make life worth living, right from the employee birthday to the foundation day, and everything in between is celebrated.

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