Getting the Staff Right

General Staffing

If two competing organizations have exactly the same quality of infrastructure and technology? What determines the winning one? Nothing but the humans who drive it.

If your Human Resource and Compliances are heavily burdened to get good quality, as well as a sizable number of people on ground or at backend or even for your factories, think no further and opt for our Generalized Staffing Services.

At 2COMS, we have been taking care of the general staffing needs for some of the most prominent organizations across the country over the last three decades. Our focus remains on providing a high-quality work-force that ensures seamless functioning when it comes to general staffing solutions.


Total number of mandays worked in a year

Workforce Management

When it comes to workforce management, our primary focus remains on implementing an overall management process that will enable your company to have seamless productivity and high-quality output from employees at all levels and departments having your back.

  • Onboarding Solutions

  • Exit Management

  • FNF Management

  • Employee Engagement

The 2COMS advantage

  • In-depth vertical knowledge
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Thoroughly screened candidates
  • A ready and extensive talent pool
  • Complete assistance - from skill mapping to onboarding
  • An able and dedicated team
  • Knowledge of process management
  • Adept with handling the intricacies of each level of overall workforce management

Statutory Compliances

Statutory compliances are an area where most companies face gaps in terms of quality and execution. It demands high knowledge-quotient and granular attention to details. Our team of experts have been providing solutions in this aspect to the most noted of organizations for the last three decades.

Sourcing as per Demand

At 2COMS, we give thorough attention on customizing our staffing process as per your needs. We understand the importance of having a tailor made approach to all your staffing needs, in order to form a high quality working system.

The specific requirements of your company is closely handled by our team of experts providing help at every stage of the following verticals.

  • Brand Building
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Pipeline Creation

The 2COMS advantage

  • Optimized turnaround time thanks to regular market research and skill understanding
  • 1,02,200 man-hours of headhunting experience every year


2COMS has successfully provided a formidable skill-based spine to numerous organizations. We have been partnering with our clients in the following areas of providing skill-based staffing.

  • Admin, Backoffice, MIS

  • Customer Care

  • Field Executives

  • KYC, Activation, Survey Executives

  • Delivery Executives

  • Salesforce

  • Sales Executive

  • Quality

  • Warehouse Executives

  • Packaging

  • Collections

  • Channels Sales

  • Vendor Management

  • Merchant Acquisition

  • Customized

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Graphic Designers

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