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How the US Hospitality Industry Apprenticeship Program Can Promote Your Career

Hospitality is a thriving industry. It has regained ground as Covid limitations are lifted. So, people seeking a career in this industry are turning to hospitality industry apprenticeships.

These programs provide learners with industry information and hands-on training. Having said that, the USA is home to not only Silicon Valley, but also several hospitality firms. So, how the US hospitality apprenticeship program may advance one's profession. Or, how these programs may help you break into this sector. Let's look for the answer in this blog.

Ways a US Hospitality Industry Apprenticeship Program Can Promote Your Career

When one prepares to pursue a career in hospitality, it is critical to understand how apprenticeships might assist. IndieTalent, as an international placement firm, conducted some background investigation. We bring you the top 5 ways a US hospitality industry apprenticeship program can hone your hospitality industry skills.

1. In-Hand Training

One of the first perks of apprenticeship programs is getting hands-on experience. Exposure to the hotel sector is critical for building global hospitality careers. One must show practical abilities to shine in this sector. US hospitality industry apprenticeships
provide on-the-job, pertinent training from the start. This may boost candidates' chances of getting hired by hospitality companies across the US, like Marriott International, Hilton, Hyatt, IGH Hotels, etc.

2. Give a Clear Perspective on the Hospitality Work Environment

Having a clear understanding of the work ambiance may save one from any surprises. And hospitality industry apprenticeship helps in achieving this. Candidates receive a complete grasp of the correct working environment because these programs are conducted in real professional settings. This prepares them as better employees and helps them cope with the professional world.

3. Earn Good Wages

In apprenticeships, one earns as well as learns. A good example of this may be taken from the apprenticeship programs by the IHG Academy. This program is for those who want to pursue a career in the global hospitality industry. The apprenticeship program offers on-the-job training and ‌earning a salary. Additionally, successful participants would get a formal, industry-recognized certification. This can boost their career growth in hospitality.

4. Good Career Scopes

Undertaking hospitality industry apprenticeship programs in the US allows one to explore different career choices in this industry. Apprentices also get opportunities to travel and meet people, creating professional networks. Effective hospitality networking can help in landing better employment scopes in this field.

5. Get Industry-Approved Skills

The US hospitality industry is vast, with several verticals operating. So, it is critical for hospitality workers to bring out the best in their skill sets to flourish. Such skills must also be approved by industry experts. Apprenticeship programs in the hospitality sector give industry-approved skills that get worldwide recognition. An example of this can be taken from Marriott Careers. Under this industry-recognized apprenticeship programs in hospitality are offered. Such programs help in boosting one's career post-apprenticeship.

Tips For Hospitality Industry Apprenticeship in the US

The hospitality business provides rapid professional growth in several positions. Apprenticeship programs in hospitality play a critical role in letting this happen. Whether working in the front office or in the kitchen, aspirants may further their careers by participating in the right apprenticeship program.

1. Find the Right Company

Often, hospitality firms may directly hire apprentices. On other occasions, one may
need to contact an agency for apprenticeship placements. In the second
scenario, choosing the proper company requires extreme caution. Select a
reputable firm that will place you in the right apprenticeship program. For
example, one might contact IndieTalent in this context. The firm offers apprenticeship programs in the hospitality and culinary industries. It also helps aspirants with J-1 visa application counseling.

2. Networking

If you are looking for hospitality industry apprenticeship programs in the US, start creating your professional network. This can be started while you are in the university/ college. Start socializing with people who are working in this industry or are searching for similar scopes. Effective networking can help in learning the right opportunity at the right time.

3. Learn the Level of the Apprenticeship Program

There are different levels of apprenticeship programs. Not all levels will suit every hospitality aspirant. So, talk to experts to learn about the levels of apprenticeship programs available. But the majority of people begin a hospitality apprenticeship at Level 2, which lasts a year. One can move to Level 3 may as they advance (equal to International Baccalaureate). There are then Levels 4-7 (the equal of a Foundation Degree and above).

4. Learn the Hospitality Industry Apprenticeship

Almost 100 different hospitality industry apprenticeships are available. Deciding which area of hospitality you want to work in can assist you in selecting the right apprenticeship program. Confused? Don't worry, you can always seek advice from IndieTalent.

5. Added Tips

Here are some added things to know before choosing the right hospitality industry apprenticeships in the US.

  • The length of the apprenticeship program in advance. These programs may stretch for 1 – 5 years.
  • How much will you earn while pursuing the apprenticeship program? Also, will that support your life abroad?
  • The type of visa that is essential to pursue a hospitality apprenticeship program in the US.
  • What are the chances of getting employment after completing the apprenticeship program?

Key Takeaways

Getting into the right hospitality industry apprenticeships in the US can be
daunting. There are so many companies and even more training programs. So, the best place to start is by consulting a placement agency. IndiaTalent, with its extensive expertise in handling job placements abroad, can come in handy. They can help in placing you in the US with the aptest hospitality apprenticeship programs.

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