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Top 5 IT Recruitment Challenges in 2022 and way forward


Here are the top 5 IT recruitment problems faced by companies and the ways to overcome them. Learn simple techniques and strategies to hire the best!

Top 5 IT Recruitment Challenges in 2022 and Strategies To Address 

Technology has become one of the most progressive industries and aspects of everyday life. We depend on technology even for conversations, buying daily usage items, and for leisure. While the tech and IT industries are one of the industries, the recruiters are facing various recruitment problems when it comes to tech applicants.

The phase of the pandemic has not only impacted personal lives but has also changed the professional processes. The work-from-home policies for more than a year were introduced. The hiring processes suffered the lack of walk-ins. As we all know, the requirement for technology and IT jobs are increasing in demand and so does unemployment. These factors have impacted the hr department of every organization. The obsolete strategies when get mixed with the upcoming changes take a toll on HR to hire someone.

The Covid-19 is skeptical about its appearances, the applicants are also demanding new and flexible requirements. This results in the upsurge of the recruitment problems in the IT department. Now the companies need to reach out first as the candidate have many organizational options to which they can apply. Nowadays, companies cannot just post the job postings and sit back for the applications. The recruiters need to be proactive and interact with the applicant so that they can hire useful talents.

What are the challenges of recruitment faced by IT recruiters?

The equation has now been reversed, but solutions are there. Organizations can do a few things which will help them ensure that they have hired the best talent. Let’s have a look into some of the IT recruitment challenges and ways to overcome them.

Hiring Challenge 1: Lack of Competitive Applications

Access to tech skills and talent is one of the biggest hiring challenges faced by IT recruiters. According to recent surveys, 53% of hiring managers have stated 'access to relevant skills' as a major recruitment problem. This indicates the rarity of talent and skills.

Solution: Hire the quality talent and not the quantity

The only solution to this is that you focus on building the quality of your IT department rather than just filling the numbers. This can be done when you are aware of the list of technical requirements and then stick to them during the whole recruitment process. Precise and rigorous screening is a must so that you get the best out of the lot.

Hiring Challenge 2: Candidates With Apt Skills

Getting an IT candidate with an appropriate skill set is one of the common recruitment challenges. New technologies and skills are gaining importance and so it's quite difficult for every candidate to have that skill set.

Solution: Evaluate and inculcate the upskilling processes within the company

New technologies are emerging as the industry progresses. The application of new technologies demands upskilling the skill set. For example, if some candidate does not have that particular skill but overall has a decent skill set, you can hire and upskill them in the organization. For that first, the company professionals need to be aware and learn the skills or you can finance courses through which the employees can learn.

Hiring Challenge 3: Pre and Post Screening Hassle

Application screening is one of the most tiring challenges for tech and IT recruiters. Going through thousands of applications and then matching them with the list of technical requirements of the company demands a lot of time and attention.

Solution: Outsource the multi-stage screening

Outsourcing the recruitment process does not mean outweighing the responsibilities. It is just the delegation of the work which can be done by professionals and this saves you a lot of time. It will cost you some pennies but you will just be left with reviewing and onboarding the candidates.

Hiring Challenge 4: Prioritizing The Candidate Experience

The experience of the candidate with the company is one of the most important aspects. The experience will determine the reputation of your company.

Solution: Tap the recruitment service providers for better results

Just getting the candidate through the whole process by promising something that your company cannot deliver is not the right way. While hiring someone be truthful about your intentions. This implies that your communication with the candidate has to be clear and precise. If you feel that this interaction is a lot for you to do, you can outsource or tap the recruitment service providers and your job will be done.

Going through a recruitment service provider is one of the easiest ways to overcome the recruitment problems. It is much easier for the agencies as they know the market trends and their requirements. Not to mention it saves you a lot of time and you can focus on core business operations.

Hiring Challenge 5: Inefficient Recruiting

Some people think that if they do every step by themselves, then they will hire a diamond. But that’s not the truth. Overseeing every step in the recruitment process is time-consuming and sometimes provides inefficient results.

Solution: Streamline the process

Going through every minimal task is draining as well as time-consuming. In this dynamic environment, when you have the technology and the resources, why not use them. The one solution is either you streamline the processes in your own company or you delegate the work to some agency. This will save the additional cost for your company, including upskilling process.

If you are looking forward to hiring the best IT talent and building a competitive workforce, you can avail the services of 2COMS Group. The unique HTD (Hire-Train-Deploy) service of 2COMS Group provide full-fledged recruitment services. The multi-stage (pre and post) screening of candidates is done by trained and skilled IT recruiters. You will be getting a fully trained and skilled IT professional to boost your organization's performance.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone wants to have the best pool of talent in their organizational team. And all the recruiters, especially the technical ones face numerous hiring problems due to the growing demand in the industry. We understand how important it is for organizations to hire the right talent in less time frame. But smart play is something that will save you cost, time, energy and effort. Successful are the ones who realize the importance of their time and cost. They delegate their recruitment process to firms and agencies and utilize their time in building strategies and revenue.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”- Steve Jobs

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