Hiring Recruiters

A Solution to your Bulk Hiring Needs!


JobsAcademy is an online Training platform of 2COMS Group. Which is developed and is evolved continuously to cater to the current Training need by the Industry. It is a platform which conducts only On-The-Demand Training/ UpSkilling for the Clients. All the Training programs are designed and linked with specific requirements of the Client Organizations and mapped to Global standards. JobsAcademy is highly equipped for training freshers as well as industry experienced candidates. Sourcing is done based on the industry or Client demand.

The Solution is - HIRE TRAIN DEPLOY


This model mutually benefits both the employer and the job seeker.

While it helps the employer get the right candidate with the right skill set, it also helps the job seeker with the right job with an opportunity to upskill in the 'On-Demand' skill set with a JOB or salary hike.

Benefits of the HTD

  • Stop your search for bulk recruiters
  • Create pipeline with skilled workforce
  • Achieve your goal within timeline
  • Get specialized recruiters in IT or Non IT.
  • Don't miss business for lack of skilled recruiters
  • Get the right skilled recruitr pool
  • Stop worrying for quality hiring
Employer Challenges

Employer Challenges

  • Low predictability on the stability of the Recruiters
  • Judgement of technical capability of the candidates to be hired
  • Achieve your goal within timeline
  • Attrition during the induction resulting high sourcing cost
  • Cost of high salary for the experienced professionals